Static Server

A static site may be a good fit for many web sites. This style of site has seen a resurgence in popularity, perhaps due to simplicity, performance, and low cost. Many good static site generation tools are available. Some folks are happy to write HTML by hand, which has become more pleasant in recent years as HTML evolves.

Security restrictions make it tricky to preview and test a static site locally using file:// URLs. It's a lot better (and a more realistic test) to set up a local web server for testing and development. But, configuring a production-grade web server is kind of a pain -- editing config files every time you start work on a new site, starting and stopping the server from the command line, 🙄.

Static Server is a tiny macOS app that will serve a static site on a local port from a local directory. You can pick the directory, pick a port (or use a randomly-selected one), and click a button to open an URL to the server root. Starting another server is as easy as Command-O, stopping one is just Command-W.

You're welcome to download and try Static Server for free. If you like it, it's only $10. If you'd like a volume license or custom features, please don't hesitate to reach out.