Parks Digital LLC

4784 Pine Hill Drive, Potterville, Michigan
(517) 816-3363

Product Development

I love helping to develop new products and new systems. My deepest expertise is in software, but I can also handle electronic design (including digital, analog, and some RF) as well as enclosure design. My small-scale, in-house 3D printing, machining, and metal fabrication capabilities have helped significantly shorten development timelines. I focus on tools and technologies that enable rapid, flexible, and inexpensive prototyping in both software and hardware so that we can quickly explore your ideas and arrive at good solutions.

Media and Format Conversion

Old computers and old media formats have a special place in my heart. My background in electronics and experience with electromechanical systems have proven indispensible in projects to recover and convert data from old digital and analog media. If you have old computer tapes, video tapes, floppy disks, obsolete optical media, or some files in a weird old format that you'd like to bring into the modern era and make accessible again, drop me a line. I can help and I'll have fun doing it.

Everything Else

I've spent decades making computers sing and dance. If yours aren't bringing you the joy you deserve, please reach out. If I can't help, I can at least commiserate. But I bet I can help.